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Track of the Day: 13.01.11

13 Jan

PJ Harvey: Good Fortune

With a new album on the horizon, we here at The Quilted Generation are falling over ourselves for a chance to listen to Ms Harvey. A quick Google Image search will reveal why. Actually, the fact Ms Harvey is a knockout is a mere bonus to the fact that she has made some landmark albums in her time. Not least of which was the millennium years ‘Stories From The City, Stories From the Sea’. A beautifully frank tirade that garnered much success for the Dorset darling.

We’re hoping that 2011’s ‘Let England Shake’ will help both us fall in love with Ms Harvey all over again but also that it helps gather a new fluster of fans to breathe new life into the passionate songstress. Judging by past endeavours we can’t see any reason why it’s too much to ask for a return to form.

Fingers, legs, toes, and everything else crossed.