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Track of the Day: 20.01.11

20 Jan

She & Him – ‘You Really Got a Hold On Me’

We at The Quilted Generation would take our collective coats off and cover a puddle for Ms. Zooey Deschanel. And that just simply doesn’t happen enough anymore. M. Ward’s and Ms. Deschanels She & Him however makes us think of a time when people did. And that’s a great thought.

A time when men loved their women and treated them like royalty. Held doors open for them, pulled their chair’s out, kissed them on the hand. The good aul days. But as those times disappear in a cloud of dust and bad posture we can but remember them through song, Clark Gable and 1940’s showtunes. She & Him are indeed the musical equivalent of all. And we thank Jiminy Cricket for them every day.