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Cover Star #1: Ben Folds

19 Jan

Here’s a little feature that needs no introduction…..

Ok, maybe it does.

Basically, this is famous musicians covering other famous musicians’ songs often famously and always musically. First up is Ben Folds as he covers The Postal Service, The Darkness and finally Dr. Dre. Enjoy the epically wide spectrum of Ben’s big magical piano.

Also, if your a lazy sod and only plan to watch one of these videos we would highly recommend you watch the last one if you haven’t seen it already. Classic taking of a rap track and making it a ballad from Mr. Folds there. Just classic.

That’s Ben’s version of ‘Such Great Heights’ by The Postal Service for some unknown TV channel. Well done unknown TV channel. We particularly liked the guy playing the wine glass and the Macarena ending.

And there’s Ben covering The Darkness. Remember them? Thought not. Next…

Ahhh this gets us everytime. Such a heartfelt and emotional riot that is.

Nice work Ben for covering such diverse and interesting artists, you truly have set the bar quite high and definately deserve your title as Cover Star #1.

Bravo old chap.