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Track of the Day: 19.01.11

19 Jan

Phoenix – ‘Lisztomania’

It’s as contagious as it is sublime. The opening track to Versaille alternative outfit Phoenix’s cracker ‘Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix’ is just what we need to shake those January cobwebs away once again. That’s right, it’s a ‘Fuck January’ day today. And boy does it feel good.

Ok, so if you are already a fan or one of those people that remember songs from adverts or trailers then you’re already bound to be all over this shit. This particular knee-slapper, toe-tapper has been doing the rounds for a while now. But it’s just so frickin’ GREAT!!!

We don’t care….if you’ve heard it too much…if you think it’s played out…if you’d rather listen to depressing stuff right now, “cos that’s the space I’m in…man”…if you simply don’t care for french rock…or if your an idiot. We love this. Get over it and, more importantly, get on it!

We love this so much and think it’s sooo upbeat it should be played after ALL news bulletins…just to remind everybody to lighten the fuck up.

And here’s Joan with the weather.



Track of the Day: 18.01.11

18 Jan

Elliott Smith – ‘Trouble’ (Cat Stevens Cover)

It’s the day after the most depressing day of the year (apparently!!!) and we think there’s no better time to embrace the darkness for a moment. Because without first exploring the dark, how are we supposed to enjoy the light? So, as we sit here, either crying into our Cheerios or shouting obscenities at unknowing passers by in Sainsburys, we embrace our heavy hearts. And what better person to help us than Mr. Elliott Smith, the most beautifully tragic and ten tonne soul songwriter since Jeff Buckley. His death in 2003 is still shrouded in mystery but what is sure is that Elliott Smith had one of the greatest voices of our time. He deliberately played out of tune on occasion to develop an uncomfortable feeling in the listener and hence make them listen. It certainly worked.

This recording was for the movie Thumbsucker and it turned out to be one of the final recordings ever laid down by Elliott Smith. The fact it was a Cat Stevens cover, makes it for us, even more poignant. There is no doubt, the story of Elliott is a sad one, but it is on the single tear we shed for him today that we pick ourselves up and get on with our year. Thank you Mr. Smith, you will always be with us, especially in January.

Track of the Day: 16.01.11

16 Jan

Bright Eyes – ‘First Day of my Life’

We think everybody remembers the first time they heard and subsequently fell in love with this track. It really opened up the wonderful world of Mr. Conor Oberst and Bright Eyes to a lot more people than they were used to. Which, given how talented and honest they are as a band, was never going to be a bad thing. With a new album due out in Febrauary we thought it might be nice to rehash some of those reasons why Bright Eyes deserve a listen every now and again.

We love this track and also the emotional intensity of the video. Such a simple idea yet it makes the lyrics even more poignant. Yeah, like we thought that was possible. Our dark twisted hearts also go out to the woman at 1:17. A true legend and strangely the most content and centred person of the entire video. Have a hug from us blondie. You deserve it.

Ok, let’s keep capturing those beautiful moments and connections and focus on the positives for the rest of January. We are entering the most depressing week of the year (reports have apparently proven this) so lets give it a big ‘Fuck You’ and have a blast. We plan to. Say it with us…’Fuck You January…you’re not the boss of me. In two weeks we will be leaving you for the much heartier climes of February so how about making the most out of having us instead of making us feel like shit, like that annoying uncle everybody doesn’t visit anymore.’

Ahhhhh that felt good. Ok, we’re off for a quick smile and a giggle. Catch you later.


Track of the Day: 15.01.11

15 Jan

Anais Mitchell – ‘Way Down Hadestown’

Every now and again a track just drops into your lap that makes you sit up and take notice. ‘Way Down Hadestown’ by Anais Mitchell made The Quilted Generation do just that. Wow. It’s unexpected, raw and a bagful of fun. We guarantee this track will either have you searching the interwebnet for a copy of the entire album or at the very least hitting that repeat button.

So, thanks to those that brought this to our attention. We are forever in your debt. And for those of you that listen to this because of us…you can thank us later.

Check it…


Track of the Day: 14.01.11

14 Jan

The Manic Street Preachers: ‘If you tolerate this then your children will be next’

Wow. Hands up who forgot how good The Manic Street Preachers were/are. Come on, put those hands up. Yes, that’s what I thought. Nearly all of you. Disgraceful behaviour people. Absolutely disgraceful.

Think of the political edge. Nicky Wire’s cross dressing. A Design For Life. James Dean Bradfields little tiny, perfectly round head. 2010’s return to form album ‘Postcards From A Young Man’. Stealing the sun from my heart, thieving welsh bastards. Some guy called Kevin Carter. The mystery of former member Richey Edwards, still missing and presumed dead. Mental.

Anyway, here’s just a little reminder of the greatest band ever to come out of Wales. ‘If you tolerate this then your children will be next’ from 1998’s This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours by The Manic Street Preachers…just a half sandwich more than a mouthful that one. Hope this helps you enjoy the first day of your much deserved weekend. Have a belter and above all else remember The Manics, a band still doing it even if nobody is looking.