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Favourite Album of 2010: T-Polar – ‘Zero’

4 Feb

Zero coverT-Polar – ‘Zero’

(Acroplane Recordings)

2010 saw numerous releases for Belfast’s Gary Spence, otherwise known as T-Polar. An artist whose production abilities allow him to effortlessly skip through the vast range of electronic genres, dipping in and out of each as he pleases, but doing so like each one of them had been his staple output for many a year. The most exciting of those releases came in the form of a seven track EP entitled ‘Zero’, a melodic and diverse adventure into soulful electronica.

Zero comes from the globally celebrated net-label Acroplane Recordings and both the artist and label head confirm that this is easily their favourite release from the desk of Mr. Polar since the two started collaborating musically over 7 years ago.

The EP commences with its title track, a haunting piece of music with a beat structure that seemingly has a mind of its own and bass lines that move slowly but powerfully from bar to bar, bordering on the subversive.

Edited, twisted vocal samples that seem to come from another world are something of a signature for T-Polar and you can hear them interspersed throughout the whole of the EP. As you listen through you will feel the focus shift between various beat patterns including slower two-step and hip-hop like rhythms and faster break beats, the latter making an appearance in form of the track ‘Hot Butter Interlude’. My favourite track would have to be the delirious ‘Fontaine’, one that truly demonstrates the depth of T-Polar’s talents and his ability to layer his music so skilfully.

Having mentioned the diversity in sounds on this release I think it is important to point out how well all of these elements are tied together to create a series of tracks that compliment each other and build a very strong overall feeling. This EP is a pleasure to listen to and is almost hypnotic in places. Listen on a good set of headphones for an even closer experience…