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Track of the Day: 03.02.11

3 Feb

Noah and the Whale – ‘L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.’

Charlie Fink of England’s very own Noah and the Whale is a most endearing fellow. After his break up from Ms. Marling he was hit by the uglies and 2009’s ‘First Days of Spring’ reflected those uglies immensely. It was a great break up album but in contrast to their debut ‘Peaceful the world lays me down’ it was a step down in our opinion. You see, Noah and the Whale are one of those bands you put on to feel good about yourself. They do that happy folk, uplifting tune better than most. L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. is one such track.

We at The Quilted Generation hope this is a return to happy times. Fingers crossed. Absolutely great track and a tempting little taster for the new album, due out on 12th March 2011.

Happy days.

*This is the radio edit of the track and even contains some of Zane Lowe and his fat fucking voice. For the full version either youtube it or spotify.

Track of the Day: 26.01.11

26 Jan

Darwin Deez – ‘Radar Detector’

Released in mid 2010 the self-titled album from Darwin Deez aka Darwin Smith and Co. from New York City was a breath of fresh-air at the time. The Quilted Generation particularly grew fond of this little track with it’s puppy dog eyes and ‘love me’ allure. And that helps sometimes. The video accompanying this audible Prozac is a fan made wonder but it’s just more warm and apt than the official video. If you’re intreagued by that then check it out on facetubespace.

We also happen to know that Mr. Deez and his infinitely wonderful band of merry-men are currently touring. So, check those listings again and get your sweet ass down to see him. Judging by his fashion sense, it should be an interesting evening.