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It’s Going to be OK, We Are Here Now: Civil Civic

30 Jan

"...cleverly crafted bursts of pure euphoric enjoyment with subtle but effective changes in tempo and intensity throughout."

So, okay then, let’s just get straight into it…

Civil Civic are something special.  A duo stationed in London and Barcelona respectively, they remain as of yet unsigned but have been releasing their tracks, seemingly for free, on various different sites for all to download. If you haven’t done so already then in the name of everything you hold dear, DO IT NOW!!  A good thing is a good thing right?  Well we at The Quilted Generation think so.

More and more bands are choosing to abstain from the emotional instrument that is the vocal cord and music may be the better for it, whether for motives such as to delve into instrumental experimentation or because they just couldn’t be assed putting pen to paper.

Civil Civic may employ one of these reasons, or both, or neither, who knows? In any case there simply isn’t any room for words in their mini masterpieces because, yes I will say it…. ‘The music speaks for itself’… (Sorry).  Their sound is an infused cocktail of various niches such as electro, punk, synth; well we’ll let you decide, but the finished results are cleverly crafted bursts of pure euphoric enjoyment with subtle but effective changes in tempo and intensity throughout.

There is also a ‘less is more’ approach to their work which as any artists, in any field, who are not yet up their own backsides would admit, is one of the hardest disciplines  to maintain .  The wheels of expectation and flag of high hopes are indeed in motion and soaring for this partnership and it will be very interesting to discover what comes of it.  As mentioned before, a good thing is a good thing, but the cynic in any lover of underground music almost secretly and selfishly wishes for them to stay that way. We do.

Here’s a video to wet your insatiable appetite for good music…

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