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Track of the Day: 16.01.11

16 Jan

Bright Eyes – ‘First Day of my Life’

We think everybody remembers the first time they heard and subsequently fell in love with this track. It really opened up the wonderful world of Mr. Conor Oberst and Bright Eyes to a lot more people than they were used to. Which, given how talented and honest they are as a band, was never going to be a bad thing. With a new album due out in Febrauary we thought it might be nice to rehash some of those reasons why Bright Eyes deserve a listen every now and again.

We love this track and also the emotional intensity of the video. Such a simple idea yet it makes the lyrics even more poignant. Yeah, like we thought that was possible. Our dark twisted hearts also go out to the woman at 1:17. A true legend and strangely the most content and centred person of the entire video. Have a hug from us blondie. You deserve it.

Ok, let’s keep capturing those beautiful moments and connections and focus on the positives for the rest of January. We are entering the most depressing week of the year (reports have apparently proven this) so lets give it a big ‘Fuck You’ and have a blast. We plan to. Say it with us…’Fuck You January…you’re not the boss of me. In two weeks we will be leaving you for the much heartier climes of February so how about making the most out of having us instead of making us feel like shit, like that annoying uncle everybody doesn’t visit anymore.’

Ahhhhh that felt good. Ok, we’re off for a quick smile and a giggle. Catch you later.