Favourite Album of 2010: Tame Impala – ‘Innerspeaker’

2 Feb

"The tracks individually are little pop-fuzz rock gems..."

Tame Impala – ‘Innerspeaker’

(Modular Recordings)

Being a self-indulgent person with little to no music knowledge in a technical sense, I often find that my favourite albums are ones that stick with me because of our history and experiences together, rather than impressive musicianship.

For 2010 it was Australia’s psyc fuzz rock band Tame Impala’s debut ‘Innerspeaker’ that stole my heart and memories.

Our time together began in Autumn (around April) while I was visiting the old record store where I used to work, I instantly became mesmerised by Innerspeaker’s other-worldly landscape cover by Melbourne artist Leif Podhajsky.

I had listened to Tame Impala’s 2009 EP a little earlier, but didn’t really ‘get it,’ the drawling fuzzy guitar, stoner vocals and relaxed tempo didn’t capture my tiny generation Y attention span.

Nevertheless I thought I’d give Tame Impala another chance, bought ‘Innerspeaker’ and rediscovered the art of appreciating an ‘album’.

The tracks individually are little pop-fuzz rock gems that could be mistaken as lost tracks from an undiscovered 60s psyc-rock band with Lennon-like vocals.

As a complete package however, Innerspeaker reminds you of what an ‘album’ is supposed to sound like, and how an album is meant to make you feel. Tame Impala main-man Kevin Parker takes the listener on a journey where you find yourself sitting by a dusty turntable, air hazy with pot, immersed with the feeling of carelessness.

This album was also the soundtrack to me meeting my partner, our first night together on a tiny broken mattress on the floor of a friend’s kitchen, our awkward text message courting and our nervous dates. Their discovery of my copy of ‘Innerspeaker’ on the bookshelf gave us something to bond over and introduced me to a whole new world of psychedelic music, which has improved my attention span immensely.

Listening to this album is like feeling high, without the greening out (and in my case the occasional vomit) or attack of the munchies. So basically that’s probably why it’s my pick from 2010.

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