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Album Review: The Dears – ‘Degeneration Street’ (2011)

9 Mar

The Dears – ‘Degeneration Street’


Skipping the alpha and going straight for the omega, Montreal neo-romanticists kick off fifth studio album Degeneration Street with the funk laiden, groove departure ‘Omega Dog’. It’s a statement of intent from leader Murray Lightburn that see’s his recently reshuffled ragamuffins give their emphatic rock a new twist and a little added spice.

Having fallen off the radar somewhat it’s clear they are willing to make amends. The album is long, weighing in at the one hour mark, and as dense as they come. It’s a lot to wade through. The lasting impression however is nothing on said opener. The music ebbs and flows, reaching dizzying highs on the beautifully melodic ‘Unsung’, ‘Thrones’ and the reminiscent poignancy of ‘Yesteryear’. But it is fundamentally too bi-polar as it then immediately sinks in tracks like ‘Galactic Tides’ and the hysterically operatic closer ‘Degeneration Street’. There simply isn’t enough consistency and we’re left feeling
slightly miffed as with such great individual composition the mish-mash of styles and themes never really come together as one coherent album.

Track of the Day: 03.02.11

3 Feb

Noah and the Whale – ‘L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.’

Charlie Fink of England’s very own Noah and the Whale is a most endearing fellow. After his break up from Ms. Marling he was hit by the uglies and 2009’s ‘First Days of Spring’ reflected those uglies immensely. It was a great break up album but in contrast to their debut ‘Peaceful the world lays me down’ it was a step down in our opinion. You see, Noah and the Whale are one of those bands you put on to feel good about yourself. They do that happy folk, uplifting tune better than most. L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. is one such track.

We at The Quilted Generation hope this is a return to happy times. Fingers crossed. Absolutely great track and a tempting little taster for the new album, due out on 12th March 2011.

Happy days.

*This is the radio edit of the track and even contains some of Zane Lowe and his fat fucking voice. For the full version either youtube it or spotify.

Track of the Day: 02.02.11

2 Feb

Deadmau5 – ‘Raise Your Weapon’

J.T Zimmerman has been masquerading as Deadmau5 for 5 or 6 years now. In that time he has poured all kinds of audible gravy all over our earholes. From electro house and progressive house to bear in the big blue house and all other houses in between. He has flexed his new wave muscles, spread his neo-trance wings and flown. Basically, he’s not that averse to mixing it up from time to time.

This track from 2010’s ‘4×4=12’ sits comfortably in the album but also thanks to Greta Svabo Bech’s vocals it shines like a beacon, guiding us into the new year and the new light.

Turn it up to 11. Roll the windows down. Light one if you have to. But above all else….Enjoy.

p.s. This track isn’t as long as you’d think. We dare you to listen to the first 4 minutes and 2 seconds and then NOT listen to the rest to see how it pans out. Go on. We dare you!

Track of the Day: 30.01.11

30 Jan

John Grant (feat. Midlake) – ‘I Wanna Go To Marz’

Bittersweet strawberry marshmallow butterscotch
Polarbear cashew dixieland phosphate chocolate
My tutti frutti special raspberry, leave it to me
Three grace scotch lassie cherry smash lemon free

American singer-songwriter and former Czars frontman John Grant may have spent 10 years abusing various substances and continually picking himself up but with 2010’s ‘Queen of Denmark’ he hit that most sought chord; an album with a heart.
With help from friends Midlake, he managed to get the album out despite his financial inadequacies. It’s a relief to us in The Quilted Generation that artists such as Grant are still not millionaires. His lack of money keeps him grounded and therefore free to create such meaningful and accessible material. It’s also a sad state of affairs though to think that less talented people have more money but the history books will remember who did what and NOT how much they got paid for it.
On this track, Grant dipped back into his childhood and reflected on a sweet shop he used to frequent in his innocent days. The lyrics are made up of all the different sundaes he enjoyed and the track has an overall whimsical, childlike feel to it. Magnificent stuff.
The album as a whole has a similar sort of feel and has gone on to be critically acclaimed. It’s just great. Check it out.

Track of the Day: 28.01.11

29 Jan

Gomez – ‘Hangover’

It’s gonna rain when I get home

Ok, ok, so we may have missed doing this yesterday but here’s Southports Ian Bell and Co. at Gomez to explain why. Yes, we were out. Our bad. But sometimes the world of music takes a back seat to the world at large. You wouldn’t begrudge us a much needed pint after such a week. Would you?

After the Mercury Music nominated 1998 debut ‘Bring It On’ the quintet unleashed ‘Liquid Skin’ and gained Number 1 in the album charts (a whole ten years ago, when that actually meant something). Since then they have been plugging away and making us smile throughout. The opening track ‘Hangover’ always makes for a great listen and a great start to a Saturday. So get over that hangover, pick yourself up, have a quick dust off and keep on rolling.