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Track of the Day: 19.01.11

19 Jan

Phoenix – ‘Lisztomania’

It’s as contagious as it is sublime. The opening track to Versaille alternative outfit Phoenix’s cracker ‘Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix’ is just what we need to shake those January cobwebs away once again. That’s right, it’s a ‘Fuck January’ day today. And boy does it feel good.

Ok, so if you are already a fan or one of those people that remember songs from adverts or trailers then you’re already bound to be all over this shit. This particular knee-slapper, toe-tapper has been doing the rounds for a while now. But it’s just so frickin’ GREAT!!!

We don’t care….if you’ve heard it too much…if you think it’s played out…if you’d rather listen to depressing stuff right now, “cos that’s the space I’m in…man”…if you simply don’t care for french rock…or if your an idiot. We love this. Get over it and, more importantly, get on it!

We love this so much and think it’s sooo upbeat it should be played after ALL news bulletins…just to remind everybody to lighten the fuck up.

And here’s Joan with the weather.