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Track of the Day: 17.01.11

17 Jan

Delphic – ‘This Momentary’

Ya gotta love Delphic…don’t ya? We at The Quilted Generation do anyway and have been fans of the Manchester outfit for a number of moons now. Second single ‘This Momentary’ from 2009/2010 (depending which hemisphere you were in) debut album Acolyte was a treat and still is for that matter. The video, shot in an abandoned town post Chernobyl has garnered much praise for it’s simple frankness and hauntingly beautiful cinematography.

Enjoy the track and we sincerely hope this opens up the glorious electronic stylings of the quintet for you all. They remind us of a tea-total Pendulum. Less edgy but just as infectious. And remember, it’s January, so let’s do what Dephic do, and let’s do something real.