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Track of the Day: 18.01.11

18 Jan

Elliott Smith – ‘Trouble’ (Cat Stevens Cover)

It’s the day after the most depressing day of the year (apparently!!!) and we think there’s no better time to embrace the darkness for a moment. Because without first exploring the dark, how are we supposed to enjoy the light? So, as we sit here, either crying into our Cheerios or shouting obscenities at unknowing passers by in Sainsburys, we embrace our heavy hearts. And what better person to help us than Mr. Elliott Smith, the most beautifully tragic and ten tonne soul songwriter since Jeff Buckley. His death in 2003 is still shrouded in mystery but what is sure is that Elliott Smith had one of the greatest voices of our time. He deliberately played out of tune on occasion to develop an uncomfortable feeling in the listener and hence make them listen. It certainly worked.

This recording was for the movie Thumbsucker and it turned out to be one of the final recordings ever laid down by Elliott Smith. The fact it was a Cat Stevens cover, makes it for us, even more poignant. There is no doubt, the story of Elliott is a sad one, but it is on the single tear we shed for him today that we pick ourselves up and get on with our year. Thank you Mr. Smith, you will always be with us, especially in January.