Track of the Day: 30.01.11

30 Jan

John Grant (feat. Midlake) – ‘I Wanna Go To Marz’

Bittersweet strawberry marshmallow butterscotch
Polarbear cashew dixieland phosphate chocolate
My tutti frutti special raspberry, leave it to me
Three grace scotch lassie cherry smash lemon free

American singer-songwriter and former Czars frontman John Grant may have spent 10 years abusing various substances and continually picking himself up but with 2010’s ‘Queen of Denmark’ he hit that most sought chord; an album with a heart.
With help from friends Midlake, he managed to get the album out despite his financial inadequacies. It’s a relief to us in The Quilted Generation that artists such as Grant are still not millionaires. His lack of money keeps him grounded and therefore free to create such meaningful and accessible material. It’s also a sad state of affairs though to think that less talented people have more money but the history books will remember who did what and NOT how much they got paid for it.
On this track, Grant dipped back into his childhood and reflected on a sweet shop he used to frequent in his innocent days. The lyrics are made up of all the different sundaes he enjoyed and the track has an overall whimsical, childlike feel to it. Magnificent stuff.
The album as a whole has a similar sort of feel and has gone on to be critically acclaimed. It’s just great. Check it out.

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