The Redneck Manifesto

12 Jan

“Begin at the beginning and go on until you come to the end; then stop” – Lewis Carroll

And so it begins.

Welcome avid music enthusiasts et al. Everything is going to be OK, we’re here now. The Quilted Generation is here. Deep sigh of relief…..ahhhhhhhhhhh….and relax.

Firstly, get the kettle on, put your feet up and give yourself a big pat on the back for surviving 2010. Unanimously now classed as a complete bastard of a year. If you happened to enjoy yourself last year, and if you ended it with more than you started then fair do’s. Us? We were just happy to get to ‘Go’ again and collect 200 quid. We know, many did not enjoy it, and if it wasn’t for the hotels on Park Lane and Mayfair may have actually survived the round. Musically however we found it to be a most intreaguing year. For the month of January then we will be focusing on both what the fuck happened musically in 2010 and what can possibly go wrong in 2011. We are ever optimistic here and would put our electricity company AND waterworks on 2011 being a belter.

So, like the first crackle of that vinyl record you once loved, or the opening MGM drum roll of a great movie, this is the first post in a new and exciting site. Hells yeah. A site dedicated to bringing you all the latest news, reviews and musings from the ever expansive world of music. We want this to be a fun, energetic, whilst insightful website that’s both easy to follow every day and just as easy to jump in and explore. We’ll do our best to not turn into those pretentious museo’s that seem to litter every orifice of the critical world. No siree Bob. No over complicated ‘Dancedubindiefolk’ labels here. No comparing every album to Merriweather Post Pavillion and no bullshit. Just good honest reviews from less good and dishonest humanoids. Lovely.

Over time I’m sure you’ll get to know all of us individually but as we begin just treat the site as one. One big, living, sexy organism of musical fun and adventure. No genre left unturned and no Gaga left unhurt.

Love and Oberst,

The demented minds of The Quilted Generation 🙂


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